Carlos Coste & Petra Oberucova

Baja Deep Camp

La Paz - BCS, Mexico / October 1st - 7th

Explore new level of deep control with Carlos Coste - legendary Freediver!

We are excited to offer you this awesome experience in the Sea of CortezWith the professional guidance of Freediving Legend Carlos Coste and experienced instructor & fauna interaction specialist Petra Oberucova, you´ll explore the advanced equalization techniques, visualization, mindfulness, and more to redefine your limits.

Baja Deep Camp

October 1st - 7th

  • Six days at the sea by boat

  • Training range: 20 - 51m

  • Advanced equalization practices

  • Stretching & breathing practices

  • Visualization & mindfulness applied to freediving

  • Technique video analysis

  • Sea Lion interaction fun session guided by Petra

  • Hiking photographic trip with Carlos Coste (during the day off)

  • Exclusive photo/video package

  • Healthy snacks and hydration

  • Optional AIDA4 or WAVE3 Cert

  • Book your spot with 30%

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Optional AIDA4 or WAVE3 Certification

September 28-29th

  • Only for Certified freedivers

  • Start earlier to get Master level cert (AIDA4 or Molchanovs WAVE3)

  • Include 2x knowledge review classes

  • 2x Confined water sessions

  • Stretching / Breathing session

  • Equalization clinic

  • Open water skills & performances will be developed during the deep camp practices (Oct 1-7th)

  • Manuals and certification.

  • Only for deep camp participants

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Reach new depths with Carlos & Petra

Make your freediving course a unique life experience by learning from two outstanding instructors.Carlos will bring all his legendary experiences and wisdom to teach you his own techniques in a simple, enjoyable, and natural way.You´ll have the privilege to learn directly from a real pioneer of depth and freediving education.Petra is a shark expert and sea life whisperer and will guide you on how to freedive in harmony with the underwater world and how to peacefully and respectfully interact with animals.

Carlos Coste

Freediving legend and multiple World Record Holder, Carlos made history by diving 100m in CWT and FIM (unassisted disciplines) in 2003.Apart from his impressive competitive career, Carlos is a great instructor and trainer who loves to teach in an energetic and fun way.He customizes each course according to his to students’ needs and abilities so that they move through the learning curve simply and successfully.
Molchanovs W4i, AIDA IT, PADI IT

Petra Oberucova

Petra is a real ocean lover & explorer.Her knowledge and passion for fauna interaction is contagious and it motivates students and friends to join her adventures and projects.She has a vibrant positive personality that is expressed through her big smile. In addition to her highly empathetic skills, she is a great freediving & scuba Instructor, photographer, simply Slovakian Sealion!

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